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Naaba Belem Goumma Secondary School

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The Naaba Belem Goumma Secondary School, named after Francis Kéré’s father, comes after the overwhelming success of the Gando Primary School and its Extension. The project has been planned since 2010, was awarded the Global Holcim Award in Gold in 2012 and, in 2018, was accredited as a Lycée by the Burkinabè government.

The addition of the Secondary School enables students to progress further in their studies and pursue a path towards higher education. As of today, two school buildings are completed and used by around 300 students. When completed, the school will provide 1000 students from Gando and its adjacent villages with unprecedented access to higher education, brightening their futures and giving them the skills needed to uplift their communities.

At 4800m2, Naaba Belem Goumma Secondary School is our most ambitious project to-date! The design includes classrooms, offices, a resource center, an assembly hall, sports field, and sheltered parking for bicycles and motorbikes. In addition to offering resources to students, the Secondary School will also serve as a meeting point for the community, providing facilities for assemblies, gatherings, and events. 

An Innovative Design Concept 

Rather than building the walls brick by brick, Francis Kéré has developed a quicker technique: pouring the clay and a small quantity of cement directly into a mold. The double-skin roofs and facades are made from clay, metal, and local eucalyptus wood and protect the interiors from the damaging rains and winds. They also induce a process of passive ventilation which naturally cools down the classrooms.

The circular layout is inspired by the traditional rural households in Burkina Faso. The layout forms a protected courtyard, shielding the campus from the dust and sand brought by the Harmattan winds during the dry season. The structure is open on its West side, allowing a cool breeze to enter the area. An extensive landscaping program aims to create a cooler microclimate around the campus by introducing trees and vegetation, which, in time, will make the surrounding soil more resilient against desertification.

We designed our own furniture!

The classrooms’ furnishings are designed by Francis Kéré, and are made on-site with the community using local hardwoods and leftover elements from the main building construction such as steel scraps from the roof.



AWARDS: Global Holcim Award Gold 2012 / Regional Holcim Award Gold for Africa and Middle East 2011


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